Friday, February 25, 2022

End of The Week Updates [02-21-2022]

                     Another week has come to an end and here are some updates for this week as it has been another chaotic and crazy week:

Staff Changes and Additional Help: Larry is just a Co-Host, with the ongoing stress between us, I felt it was best that he retains just the Co-Host role for right now. He is still part of Power Rangers Podcast as I think that is what is best for him to focus on this podcast and not have to deal with decisions. Right now all the decisions are all up to me but I will consult Larry and Amy if I need to. You also notice that Brianna has now joined up the team and she is very familar with ChrisBOnTheWeb as her sister Charlotte was with us last year. So her role is the Community Manager so she will help with answering questions within the community.

Website: I have added in the upcoming schedule for the month of March as there is more podcasts coming and just hope this will not overwhelm me whatsoever and it shouldn't really if I follow the guidelines i gave not just myself but the team as well.

The CBOTW Show: Got things rolling for Cast Assessments for both Amy's Survivor 42 and also my BBCAN10 Cast assessment which will be live next week. So it begins what will be a busy next few months and we are getting prepare for what will be a hectic with great content coming out. I made a mistake when it came to promising March 10th with the podcast with Larry and I but we can do it when it is done and finished. There is no set time or schedule really as it is not in our contract with each other.

Entertainment Man Podcast: This week's episode to give you guys the heads up that it is a topic this week as I have decided to take a break and there hasn't been an interview request this week so this means I am just got a topic to talk about and it is about Transitrioning back into YouTube which is a great topic as you know I have been working around the clock with Amy and Larry on The CBOTW Show YouTube Channel. 

                      This is the updates for the week and I will update you guys with anymore information next week once we have it and have a wonderful weekend and I will talk to you all on Monday for another blog post.


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