Thursday, March 10, 2022

Weight Loss Update [03-10-2022]

              This isn't really an update, it's more of where I stand with losing the weight. I know it's been many, many months, maybe even an year since my last update that I have made. I can officially say that I have gotten down to the 222 - 224 pounds mark with my weight loss. Since then been either up and down or maintaining the weight thus far and I know if I wanna make my goal of 175 weight then I really need to work on losing and fast but it won't lose itself. I need to continue to cut back what I eat, less sugar etc. My goal is to get to 210 or 215 by Summer.  Then I can go on to 200 then 190 but ultimate goal is 190 by end of the year. then that leaves me with 15 pounds more to lose. That is the goal updates and it is hard to lose weight during the winter season and especially being locked up at home most of the time and the same routes for walks don't seem to cut it anymore.

               Anyways that is my small update on my weight loss. I plan on doing one once a month at the most. Not planning to do it too often as right now things are slow but maybe just maybe when things progress I will end up losing a lot more. Also with me returning to being with Eric as of Monday next week, this will prompt me more exercise and more being out and about and maybe this will help me get inspired to get out on bus rides more moving forward. Any who I will talk to you all tomorrow on the end of the week update, have a great rest of your Thursday.


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