Monday, June 13, 2022

Peony Festival 2022

             Saturday, I did a pop up event, well not a pop up event but I mean was the last second few days prior on the decision but glad I went, we had a wonderful time my dad and I. Anyways we got there and there was a ton of things to see, wasn't big big but big enough both outside and inside. There was a lot of local businesses, arts and craft, also some plants that we never heard of ever before. Of course there was the Peonies which were absolutely beautiful which I will provide a second picture below. Rows and rows of nice smelling Peonies in the garden there. 

I have provided a picture of the Peonies which was taken from my Fujifilm camera. There are a ton of pictures which you can find on my Instagram account by clicking the arrows on that one picture as there are a bunch of pictures that I have added to the account. I didn't bother doing post after post as there were over 30 pictures taken during the event. Overall was a great day, the next one is the Fiesta Week next week with my dad and there will be a ton of reviews and next week I will be having blog topics at random for next week as I do not know what days I am going to the Fiesta Week but I will have a list of blogs in case at least 2 ready to go for next week in case but Thursday is a confirmed one. I will let you guys know by the end of the week but plenty of blogs this week to go, confirmation is coming this Friday at the end of the week but I will talk to you all tomorrow!


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