Monday, December 19, 2022

Catching Up With You All!

          Well, after a week away and the drama that happened with me and the fan page being blocked for no apparent reason and all we asked is you do not block us, we needed you to see updates and it is rude to do that, so I just went off and ended up deleting the group all together. It is the fan page that Mark, Larry and I wanna focus on growing and recently it's started to peak again since we returned and with Mark the views on the page and the interest has gone down for a week or two but recently started to peak as we continued on to post every day. I know Saturday we went dead quiet and that was cause of the issues in the group we were busy dealing with.

             I do have something I want to mention to you guys and Larry and I talked about it over the weekend when we went to the movies which there will be an update on that. In better news, I will be opening up The CBOTW Show for auditions for Survivor and Big Brother Canada Recaps in January and February to try and grow a community within a community and excited for this to get underway. Anyways that is the post for today, I will talk to you all tomorrow for a gaming update. 


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