Thursday, December 15, 2022

My Feelings About The Video Projects Team

                 Things were never always roses behind the scenes and like I mentioned yesterday, there was a ton of drama. I will not mention names but I know I said camera man but which camera man in particular I will say as he had a ton of camera men back in the day. particularly the one he had in late 2008 - 2010 there was always some kind of drama. I remember Skype call with the boss man Chris and he looked stressed the heck out. I asked him if he was OK and he said no. Chris even mentioned and a small disclaimer he's given me the greenlight long before as he wanted me to do a string of these posts so I have his permission to talk about it as long as names to people he doesn't talk to anymore weren't mentioned minus his which he was fine with that. 

                     Back to the story but after the 50th episode he was threatening to fire a bunch of people on his team that ran the event and camera as you guys didn't know he blew up on camera and now has become a bit of a viral video on YouTube with 2 to 300 views racked up on the video. My question to him that night was why didn't he get someone to help him with the ice as he went all the way down to Foodland on his own by his own place without help and had to carry it all the way back after.  I wouldn't have blame him for firing people but I know he has a big heart inside and couldn't do that. 2 people could of been let go. I gave Chris even to this current day if you need to remove someone then you have to and even gave him guidelines to reasons why and hopefully this helps with his decisions if he choses to come back to ChrisBOnTheWeb next week. I will speak to you tomorrow morning for the "End of The Week Updates."

Mark, CBOTW Team

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