Wednesday, December 14, 2022

My Connection To ChrisBOnTheWeb

                Chris and I have quite a history with each other. I was there between 2009  and 2012 which I was involved with his former team the one he's mentioned he's despised all these years cause of the drama that went on behind the scenes and I was there when it went all down with his former camera man and his camera man's now ex.  Which you all know who I am referring to as the Survivor podcast that was cancelled towards the end of April before the season was up. I was there when bunch of his team ended up quitting on him in April of 2010, less then two months prior to the series going on hiatus. 

                  I was there when someone got into the xat chat and I was only an owner and he was out of town with a group and his girlfriend, Jess at the time. I have seen him breakdown, raging, wanting to quit all the time and what not. I was like an Admin for TVPT back in the day. Now roll 10 years later, I always wanted to know what Chris made of himself so I searched The Video Projects Team, nothing whatsoever of the whereabouts of him minus his old YouTube channel which is now permanently dormant for the most part.  I looked his name up and found out he ended The Video Projects Team and moved to what he is doing now and saw he was between his management team and I joined on. I kept tabs on him between June 2015 and now to what was going on from his depression and leaving YouTube to being a successful podcaster. Now tomorrow's post I want to do a post about the truth behind TVPT how I really felt. Don't worry I will keep it clean but talk to you all tomorrow. 

Mark, CBOTW Team

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