Tuesday, February 14, 2023

Changes To The Blog?

            I know there has been rumours that has been circulating with the blog changes and we've thought about changing the days to be quite honest but today's post, I am going to talk about one change that is coming to the blog and there is only one thing that is changing but before I do that, I wanna talk about the Saturday blogs as was discuss, after a long discussion with my Team, I have continued to think about this further and come to an conclusion that I am keeping Saturdays as an open day for a blog post. Same with Sunday in case New Years hits on the weekend like it did this year. 

             The other thing is, Mark who is part of my team since the start of November on and off and now full time on the team, he will be taking over the blog on Fridays and if there is an extension on the blogs then it would take place on the Saturday, but it really depends on a week to week basis to be quite honest. In the end it depends how we setup our week and I am not saying this by my perspective but Larry's and Mark's as well. There is no "I" in team, we work together to ensure I am successful in the end. Anyways that is the post for today, I will talk to you all tomorrow, enjoy the rest of your day.


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