Monday, March 6, 2023

All Caught Up On Work!

          So over the weekend, I got into working on the stuff that I didn't finish since being sick. I am pretty much at this moment up to date and ready for the next phase. But I finished editing the podcasts for yesterday and Thursday so this gives me some time so I can work on the other podcast for the week so I can actually work on the next collab and get a little ahead of schedule so I can record in April again so Larry and I can get back on track.  Also I finished interview questions for future interviews so it is ready. 

             Power Rangers Ninja Steel seasons are the upmost importance that we do finish the podcast on time and on schedule. That is why I am clearing anything else that is on my timetable right now. So I am really proud of myself and excited for the next step. Hey I am quite impressed that I actually got it finished and I managed to get through everything I was working on done. However that is the post for today, as always I will talk to you all tomorrow. 


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