Friday, March 3, 2023

Things Are Going Back To Normal, Slowly

             As you know the past week has been difficult and still is even to this moment as still side effects but I plan on recording a podcast this weekend for you guys so this weekend so there is so sort of normalcy and if I was deeply sick like I was there wouldn't but DO EXPECT an episode and I will try and explain what happened. 

            Now I am recording and planning to edit about half of the podcast today, the other half tomorrow so I am splitting up the workload but will be done and the time between the studio and my room I am taking extra time to rest if I need to rest and yesterday spent about an hour in the studio and why the blogs are shorter this week but I do not want to over do things. So it will be a slow process getting back to normal and getting my strength back but please patient. I hope you guys enjoy the episode I recorded today for you on Sunday and I will be premiering it and watching it and answering any questions you may have but that is the post for today, have a great weekend and I will talk to you all on Monday.


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