Friday, March 31, 2023

Mamma's Pizza Review [03-31-2023]

             This was requested by my group mod, Billy on a side group I have for ChrisBOnTheWeb and also Jimi. Anyways last week, Larry and I went to Mamma's Pizza and just ordered a pepperoni Pizza with cheese. Note it was a thin crust which I rarely get to have that so it was definitely a nice treat. Now the location is only 10 minute walk from home to go get the pizza which is literally at the corner of a major road and another road but it is nice to have another pizza place since the other pizza place shutdown on us.

                Now the Pizza itself, was the usual nice gooey, cheesy deliciousness out of the pizza and it is definitely the Mamma's Pizza I remember when I went to Mamma's Pizza in Toronto at the Exhibition Place during the CNE many, many years ago. So the Pizza definitely exceeds our expectations 15 out of 10 as I said it exceeds our expectations. Staff there, the girl was amazing in helping us both on the phone as we phoned it ahead of schedule and also gets a 15 out of 10 as well. My team Larry and I will be back there in the future. I hope you guys enjoyed this bonus blog today, thought it'd be a nice treat for you all and I will talk to you all on Monday, have a great weekend! 


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