Monday, July 3, 2023

Introduction to YOUR new Community Manager

            For those who didn't know, my name is Brianna, Chris's Assistant and Community Manager for ChrisBOnTheWeb. More than likely you will hear from me first unless it's one of the podcast emails that he has for either Entertainment Man Podcast. If you've seen me in the Facebook group community or the fan page or even the Discord then that's where you can find me the most of the time.

            It has almost been a month since I have joined ChrisBOnTheWeb and never been so happy to be a part of this team, his team and things have progressed so well in this community since with the addition of Jeff as an intern that is getting ready for his debut as a podcast on this network which is truly exciting actually. We will not be talking a ton but there is talks in the works and not going to say what it is yet. Any ideas please let me know as I have today and tomorrow's post but will talk to you all on the next post.

Bri, Assistant/Community Manager

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