Tuesday, July 4, 2023

I've been helping Chris on his Minecraft server!

             It is no secret Chris has been working on a project with his Minecraft server and preparations for the new building has begun. I have helped him remove dirt and stone to start digging the basement for the new office tower that is going on to actually blow up and play around with the TNT. While I am excavating the dirt he's building the protective wall in case him and his nephew decide to explode the entire building all the hard work for nothing but that's his choice. 

                  Probably take a while for us to excavate the dirt and stone and build that wall unit before we actually dig out the basement part of the building before the actual building starts to be built up. What I gather it will be 15 - 16 floors tall, the highest building he's built on there ever. I am happy to help him with this endeavor and getting it completed in a good timely fashion. It's just the prep work that goes into it this project. I will talk tomorrow on my last post as Chris will be back on Thursday for blog posts. 

Bri, Assistant/Community Manager 

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