Wednesday, July 19, 2023

Why Did The CBOTW Show Stay Audio ONLY?

             So we're back to The CBOTW Show Audio ONLY and the reason is because of YouTube unable to verify it even the text apps don't work with the platform anymore which really sucks and I never once actually verified any channel whatsoever. Only one I own is Entertainment Man Podcast from January of 2022. I have not tried to have a channel since last summer with the gaming and live stream channel I once owned but not anymore and it's been about a year since I had that channel technically. 

              So we have decided or I have had to make the split decision to stick to Audio ONLY for now and maybe eventually return to YouTube for another project perhaps or maybe not but correction was end of June 2022 the last channel I ever had so that's a bit ago since it happened and it's been a while since a new channel has popped up but who knows. So tomorrow I am going to talk about what is the current stuff going on with The CBOTW Show as it has been long awaiting for the announcement to what is going on with this podcast moving forward so I will talk to you all tomorrow about that. 


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