Tuesday, August 22, 2023

ChrisBOnTheWeb Has Had Some Struggles

            Ever since Friday, ChrisBOnTheWeb has been all over the place. First the blog wasn't posted up till the evening and The CBOTW Show ended up an hour later then usual. That was strikes one and two within a day of this mess happening. Trust me I wasn't happy with the mishap after mishap and I should of done better when it came to posting up the blog and podcast I should of had the alarm going off at 9 am so I can work on both things and make sure things went out in a timely matter.             Now strike 3 was Sunday when I scheduled the blog for 1106 pm EST at night not at 9 am which gives it 3 hours to process to all the platforms and links goes out at 1 pm EDT. normally. I felt at the lowest of my all lows when it came to ChrisBOnTheWeb and I stopped writing this blog midway for the night Sunday evening to go to bed. 

           Now there is a lesson to all of this in the end to check everything online before it goes out and there is a limit to it like 20 minute window before a post goes out so meaning you can only schedule a post on Facebook 20 minutes or longer prior to the post is actually goes up. However this is about the podcast and there is a bigger limit as I need at least 3 hours to prior so it will process and that is what happened on Sunday. Hopefully this week, I will stay on track and bounce back from this and I know I will, just gotta stay positive in the end. Anyways that is the post for today, I will talk to you all tomorrow for another blog post and I hope you guys have a fantastic rest of your day and will talk to you all tomorrow.


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