Tuesday, August 15, 2023

Discord Stages-- Been Speaking On Some!

           I have been speaking on a follower of mine from when I was still on Twitter, Discord server (Keith, big shout to him for having me on) and it has been nothing but an amazing experience actually. The first time I was really, really nervous as I never have done these before in the past but the second time I was really getting into those and I actually did something that I didn't have to do but I wanted to share how I use Word as that was the topic last week that was brought up towards the end of his Stage and I shared one of my notes with my podcast Entertainment Man Podcast which I am always happy to share my experiences and techniques how I do things. 

         That is why I love about being on these being able to speak and share my experiences not just on my podcast but outside any of my podcasts within my network, where I can help people out. I am a very techy kind of person and these stages really are for me as I said I can share my experiences. I enjoy doing these and cannot wait to do them in the future and I try to be in every one of them if I am available and I always try and book myself ahead of time and make sure I do not have interviews so I can attend Keith's amazing event. So big thank you to Keith for having me on and able to speak and cannot wait to share my experiences and knowledge I have in the 37 years I have been on this world. 


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