Wednesday, August 16, 2023

Taking Entertainment Man Podcast's YouTube A Notch!

          I have taken Entertainment Man Podcast's YouTube Channel a notch. Meaning taking it to the next level. That is what I wanted to do with it actually. I have actually use a side called and also for my graphics. My team and I have been using this site for about a week almost and found it so much better then Paint.Net which was what we were using previously with our graphical projects especially for my Podcasts YouTube thumbnail that you see each and every week. I have put the template of mine on the right hand side so you guys see how we do it.

          Now we also use for the graphical end for the photos adding our own selfies into the graphics to remove the backgrounds for the selfies we used a website called which all 3 websites are free to use and really helps with the quality of the banners and we may end up fixing all our banners for ChrisBOnTheWeb alone to look better and look a ton better. This is definitely going to help with the views and the complainers cannot go bashing the thumbnails cause my Community Manager made it and did a fantastic job so haters can hate all they want, this is why there is a block button. Anyways that is the post, thought I'd share this little tidbit of news and already using the new graphics as we speak but I will speak to you all tomorrow for another food review. 


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