Thursday, August 17, 2023

Sauter's Inn-- Food Review

             A week ago almost my parents and I went out to dinner Friday night to celebrate their 50th Anniversary which I have mentioned before days ago but this was the first of the two dinners. We ended up going out to Sauter's Inn In Pickering, Ontario which we have been there before prior to the Covid-19 Pandemic in August 2019 if I remember correctly. Anyways I had the Corden Bleu which had cheese and ham in the middle which was fantastic! A lot as it was thick but was juicy and really good the mozzarella cheese was running out of it! I would give it a 10 all day long. Never doubted anything would of changed prior to the pandemic, still the same amazing food as always. 

            Also had a New York Cheesecake which was like airy and very good with Chocolate Sauce dripped around the cake itself, was also amazing and gets a 10 out of me as well. I also liked the change of the paint as before it was dark when you go in there but the new blue/grey paint gives it a lot more light and I love they kept the same lights. They really did some improvements on that. Our server was amazing and big props to her super friendly service when she spoke to us to get our meal order and anything we needed during our visit. Service definitely gets a 10 out 10 as well. That is my review for today, I will most definitely be back in the future and I will speak to you guys tomorrow!


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