Wednesday, August 2, 2023

When Will Gaming Blogs Return?

              So I have addressed this on stream as I did an update stream which I deleted and regret ever doing it but as you know I have started a few new projects with Minecraft right now but nothing too interesting right now. I have played other games like The Binding of Isaac Rebirth, Teardown, some GTA5 side stuff but again nothing too exciting to report right now actually. I know the gaming content is lack lustre right now.

             However when something interesting happens then I will post it to the blog but for right now, there is nothing to report at this moment of time. I can say two of the projects consists of a building being created in the middle of nowhere and is used for exploding purposes with my nephew but will take a while for me to build as it is going to be a 15 floor. I can report I am on floor two at this moment and kind of work on it when I want to. I do have some glass wrapped around the floor. Also a subway has been started but has since been abandoned. Anyways that is the reasons why I haven't update and that is the post for today and will talk to you all tomorrow!


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