Monday, October 9, 2023

Halton County Radial Museum (Post # 1900)

              First of all Happy Canadian Thanksgiving to all our fan base out there. Most dedicated and loving fans out there. Today also marks our 1900th blog we have done here on Wow talk about dedication from not just myself but my team both past and present that have contributed on this blog. Now onto the blog for today. As you guys know I was back at Halton for the second time this year for the annual fall colors. 

              Weather wise it wasn't too great. The occasional time we were outside, we would get rained on and seemed to be only when we were outside but we had the barn to duck into which we took a long look and a lot of progress especially on the Hamilton Street Railway car which is a lot more been done to it since our visit in June. The colors were absolutely beautiful. Same as our trip to Silent Lake last week was stunning in the colors as well. The volunteers were very knowledgeable with answering my questions especially with the 4300 streetcars that are not in the best of shape and ongoing projects they are currently working on and upcoming work too. We much appreciate the knowledge to our questions we had. Anyways that's the post for today and I will talk to you all tomorrow.


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