Monday, November 13, 2023

9th Anniversary, 1 Year To Go!

            Today marks 9 years ago since ChrisBOnTheWeb Media started. The recent days I have felt a lot of emotion and feeling so grateful that this website has kept going and we've reached the 9 year milestone. I was going to do a video but the emotions are real right now. I have felt overwhelmed and emotional that we've reached this peak of ChrisBOnTheWeb Media. I am so proud of how far we've come along with this group that we have, yes we have had our up's and downs, our failures that eventually shown to it's successes as we've had over the years and we should be proud of this honestly. 

          Now 1 year from now will be our 10th anniversary. Something we've dreamt of for a very long time and I will talk more about that tomorrow actually on the blog "The Road to 10th Anniversary" as that starts today and a lot to do before the big celebration together where we celebrate 10 years together and it will be a very big party cause I plan on a lot of things for 2024. I was going to do streams every 2nd week but that will be revealed in time. I wanted to thank my team, Larry, Justin (even though he's not part of the team anymore, big part of the team) and Mark for always being behind me no matter what. Happy Anniversary ChrisBOnTheWeb Media and here is to many more amazing years ahead of us! 


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