Wednesday, November 15, 2023

Road To 10th Anniversary Has Begun!

            The road to 10th anniversary is now underway and there is a lot to do before the 10th anniversary celebration on November 14th, 2024 which we plan to have the team together hopefully all together. I'd like to do a meet up but might be hard to do actually. However we have a plan. Things that needs to be done is the walk down memory lane which Mark has been working on continuously. Not ETA when he will be done but been busy resizing photos etc. He will let me know when it's done and finished. 

           Other then that it's planning out streams on the Fan Page every 2nd week and the events we have planned throughout the year starting in March 2024 with the first interview I am doing on Entertainment Man Podcast with someone that wasn't part of ChrisBOnTheWeb Media but knew about it since the start of it, yes Eric then in June for Justin, Larry and I which will be a bigger production alone for itself but I am sure we will be able to handle it. This is a very long road starting now till the end of the 10th anniversary celebrations end on the 14th of November, 2024. Also small note all 10th anniversary graphics remain up till the end of the year when we go back to the normal. However that is the blog for today, I will talk to you all tomorrow for a food review!


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