Thursday, November 23, 2023

CBOTW Media Studios is preparing for Christmas!

            Decided to try a different font today, exploring the blog feature on So far I love it. As you know tomorrow is the last Friday of the month of November, which means ChrisBOnTheWeb Studios is getting prepared for Christmas and to prepare Chris has already got the wiring setup for the lights with the clicker to turn everything on and what not. 

            Now he isn't planning to setup the lights till December 7th, 2023 with Larry as I said before he is planning to record Happy Gilmore. He definitely has a plan ahead which is great that he thinks outside the box and very quickly. CBOTW Media is a fast moving company/group as things change and we have to be ready and on our feet for the necessary changes to be made. We have had a lot changes recently with the schedules for podcasts and content. I will be back tomorrow for the "End of the Week Updates."

Mark, Community Director/Website Admin 

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