Tuesday, June 4, 2024

Feeling Good About The Decisions I Made!

              I kind of knew that the new schedule wasn't balanced whatsoever. Lately I have struggled with making decisions lately and that has been a problem lately as I haven't been able to make a decision with things here in the studio and priorities are not in check right now. However I have made a decision with the schedule and I truly now feel like it's going to work. Going to be focusing on Entertainment Man Podcast Sundays and Wednesdays which I will have a set day for recording episodes as a solo will be on a Friday and interviews will be whenever the guest is available which will any of the days I am free. 

                The CBOTW Show is biweekly, every second week on Audio ONLY and isn't the main focus but it is there and we record every other week so it's not 100% our focus but it will still air every other week. So the decision to focus on Entertainment Man Podcast was a very tough decision but least The CBOTW Show is still going to be recorded and posted just 2nd on the list to get done. 

                 I hope this makes sense to you guys and I feel a lot better knowing this is the schedule I want to work with moving forward. I will talk about Entertainment Man more on Thursday's post as a part 2 how it's going to work with the shorts but till then I will talk to you guys tomorrow.



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