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Sunday, January 1, 2023

Happy New Year! [Goals for 2023!]

             First of all Happy New Year! Hope you guys had a safe and wonderful New Year thus far.  Today I wanna talk about my goals for 2023 so here it is:

1) Continue on Entertainment Man Podcast- Starting on January 8th, 2023, will be the 4th season of the podcast and I am very excited for it and cannot wait to start recording this week hopefully. 

2) Finishing up Power Rangers Collab- With the end of seasons getting close I wanna focus on getting all these seasons done at the right time frame and stick to a schedule for once and get things done.

3) The CBOTW Show- Re-launching this amazing podcast with new goals set out. As you know the goals is to do other shows with Larry on there and movies and beyond. Survivor may be a thing for recaps if I can find a host for that and I need to work on that very, very soon.

4) Not letting people take advantage of me- Being screwed out of 40 dollars for a product or painting done and not being reimbursed nor product presented to me and being scammed out of money. Not just that but also being screwed over for a podcast and not first or second time but 3rd in the last 3 years now. Being careful who I bring on the team.

             Anyways those are my goals and I know I will complete all 4 of these goals and I took it and put it on a doc and printed it off as a reminder of my goals for 2023. Have a great rest of your New Years Day and I will talk to you all tomorrow as we start the grind again.