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Monday, June 10, 2024

Streetcar Museum- June 2024


So back on  the weekend, I was out in Halton, Ontario at the Halton County Radial Museum or Streetcar Museum. Anyways was good to be back and saw a few changes in barn 4. They switched some of the streetcars around like 4000 is now a static display now in the back part of the barn. Also 2894 as you see on the left hand side of this blog. Also we got to see 4611 come on out of the shop there as their getting close to finishing it up. I look forward to riding it soon. We did the usual rides to the loop and back as always and the cars running on Saturday was 2894 a Peter Witt Car, 327 the open air car and the 8 car from London and Port Stanley. 

When we rode in the 327 the second time, I got the honor and privilege of sitting up front with the volunteers to take pictures and what not which really excite me to the core. Anyways I had a ton of fun and thank you to the volunteers for allowing me to sit up front. You made someone on the autism spectrum (me) happy and fulfilled my dream. We will be back this fall for a special event and look forward to what this event is down the road. As always I will talk to you all tomorrow!