Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Pretty Excited | Christmas

Few things that come to mind with the Christmas season coming, 1) Finished everything for The Entertainment Man Talk Show except one last set tweaks. I am so ecstatic right now but in the same why a little emotional as this is my first Christmas without my aunt who passed away 8 months ago on the 16th of March. Not sure how I will handle Christmas this year, will i feel emotional? Will I feel fine? Guess time will tell. For those didn't know I was close to my aunt, before she got Dementia i use to visit her 2 times a week. Wednesdays for grass cutting and Fridays for a short visit. So you can see how this Christmas will be tough for me. So you can see i got mixed emotions right now. I don't get to personal usual in my posts but I had to bring this up.


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