Thursday, April 18, 2019

Funniest Podcast Moments (Throwback Thursday)

             There is so many memorable moments with the podcast not just with Everything About Reality TV but also Power Rangers Podcast which has proved to be a huge success. In today's post I am going to definitely covering a bunch of em from both of the podcasts as I got some things I can mention.

1. The intro screw ups on Everything About Reality TV, where I just let out a bunch of profanity on the recording but don't worry it never made it to air on any of the platforms as I have that saved for my laughs and only a couple people have heard the recording. I think the problem I had was I just talking to fast and my words stuttered. I could down the road make it's own page on here under podcast bloopers for you laughing needs.

2. When Larry and I did the Mighty Morphin saying by the forces of lighting make our monster grow. 

3. Also during the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Podcast Larry say I don't like you... Ed.... I said It's Zedd, You Blinkin bucket of bolts! LORD ZEDD! I was able to channel my inner Lord Zedd honestly. We sure have fun with these podcasts when we are recording these collaboration podcasts.

4. When I switched out the intro lines I say over the intro theme of the podcast from "Media Man" back to "Entertainment Man" I think I confused my head completely with the intros but now I have re-trained myself back into that intro but it was funny trying to do the intro, especially over and over again. 

               This adventure as a podcaster has just started and I am sure there will be more funny moments and I am sure there will be other podcasts that will be added into Chris B On The Web. I am planning on down the road to continue to continue on with podcasting as I have indeed enjoyed doing these each and every week. Yes Everything About Reality TV has been fun and can be exhausting like I am now but it is all worth it in the end with the stress and mental exhaustion and same goes with any other podcasts that has been done within CBOTW.


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