Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Planning To Continue The Binding of Isaac & The Messenger

           I have been so busy with projects galore recently with Chris B On The Web I just have had no time to actually play the video game right now, but recently I have taken some time off and actually played the game and almost went to mom or did but ended up dying in the game which sucks but getting better and better each and everyday so it is indeed work in progress to get challenges done and other things that I need to get to get the full 100% Platinum God but I am going to start working really, really hard as I want to get to Rebirth as well, then after birth, after birth + as well. But in-between work here on the website, I am sure as heck working hard on it. I am not one to give up on a game well if I know it was very, very bad at it then I would stop and I have done that by erasing the game from Steam and I have done that in the past but will make sure to sure give it a shot and try the actual game out but again, I've been busy but here and there I am playing the game once and a blue moon I will load it up and play a bit and trust me I'm going further but if I do not play then I become very rusty at the game so I have to keep up with it.

             Now with The Messenger, I have been stuck for the past month or so with the video game but every time Larry is here I seem to get on a roll but last time he was here and I just struggled with the game and unable to beat as I feel like I cannot past the wizards that shoot out as that seems to be the hardest part of the video game honestly. Very frustrating but I manage to keep on trying. However I so plan on continuing on with this game just wish I would progress further but again patience is a virtue and I will get it in time, I'm sure. Like I have said on Social Media right now, I just do not have the time to play the video games with my podcast schedule very, very busy right now with 4 episodes a week,1 on Tuesdays, 2 on Thursdays and 1 on Fridays, so there is no way I can put in time for fun right now as the workload is, well there is a lot on my plate right now and fun time is not at this current time or place but these two games will be at the top of my list of trying to achieve success and hopefully to add to my completed games list finally as well.


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