Tuesday, April 16, 2019

I Need To Address This! (Everything About Reality TV)

             I know I have spoken about the 11th season of Everything About Reality TV but since Amazing Race starts this week, the 11th season start is now up in the air at this point. I cannot give answers right now as like I said over the last couple of weeks, CBS's Big Brother still nothing to report and right now it is still sounding like Amazing Race so the 11th season probably will start in early July at this point of time. However I just cannot say when it will start and probably be on a small hiatus for a week or two with some off season podcasts I am sure. This is why I have been very, very quiet about the next season and right now, maybe I need to take a hiatus after this season or wait it out. All I know I probably will be going to a weekly schedule after Amazing Race is finished but it is too soon to say. I just cannot guaranteed anything right now. This is probably the most stressful thing and when I said I meant it that I'd cover Amazing Race Canada only this summer, I did mean it. I just cannot really tell what is going to be in stored  for Big Brother U.S. 

              All I can do is wait and what I do plan on doing is trying to stall for time as much as I can with the off season podcasts between the end of this season and the next and don't worry, I am glad I wrote these off season podcasts when I did cause they sure will come in handy in this case. And yes! I wrote a lot of them to last me a very long time which I am glad I prepared these towards the end of last year into the start of this year. If I didn't plan this ahead of time, I would of definitely been mad scrambling to get content together for you guys once way or another. In the end, what we need to do or I need to do is be a bit patient with things but what I trying to say is, I will announce the next season and what is going to be covered when I know further. With saying that, this will be my last update for quite some time until I do know further and social media, Twitter/Instagram is the best way to know BUT definitely will do an update blog on here too when the time is right. 


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