Friday, October 11, 2019

The Sports Hour W/ Billy Starts Next Month!

               I know I have been very vocal about Billy's podcast and I have some news to share with you guys and I know I have spoken about podcasts quite a lot lately and that is because I have been waiting for Billy being ready to go. He has told me that he will be ready to go in November of this year. Unless something does happen then things could change on the start  date but we are aiming for November for him to start. Now I have the logo already made and the feed is yet to be created yet for the podcast that is something I need to work on for the podcast before I start to distributed on other platforms and what not.  I am starting his podcast out on the one platform then it will be distributed to other plaforms such as:

  • ITunes
  • TuneIn
  • Player FM
  • Castbox FM
  • ListenNotes
  • And Much, much more.

             I am going to work on the main feed next week hoping I get the Power Rangers Lost Galaxy Notes well underway and I am planning next week to get started on his feed and hopefully by November we will be ready to go for when it starts. I am sorry we have been very, very quiet on things about his podcast but I was also dealing with the cancellation of CBOTW Gamers Podcast which is now not returning anytime soon so I kind of totally forgotten to hop on here and make that announcement to you guys. So both Billy and I are very much active with the planning of his podcast and excited for his podcast to be starting soon and I do need to ask him how often it will be going up and I need to know when he's starting so I can also post it up here on the website schedule as well. Also have to post up on the menu his podcast as well as the page exists but it isn't public yet and has been sitting hidden on the page for the longest time waiting for a formal update. I will have more details on his podcast hopefully next week I can provide you guys an update on things as I get more details coming into to me.


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