Thursday, October 10, 2019

Everything About Reality TV Podcast Will Be 3 Episodes Short of 250!

               Originally was going to do a Throwback Thursday but I went against the idea as I feel like it was too soon to actually do this as I was only involved with PRCB for nearly 3 months and I wanna wait till I hit the 1 year mark at least. Anyways I was doing the math yesterday and I realize that I am going to be 3 episodes short of 250 and I feel like it's all my fault honestly. What do I mean? If I ended up continuing on with Big Brother 21, I more then likely would of had the 250 so easily, probably end up but a little over 250 by the end of the year. However that wasn't the case this time around, I ended up stopping those recaps towards the end of the season which I lost 2 subs because of it but hope I end up gaining that back eventually. There was a lot of flaws and issues I had this summer which has really made me think about the future of the podcast and that is one of the reasons why we will be 3 short but if it wasn't for what I did screwing things up like I have been then probably would of gotten to that 250 right on. I really messed up my numbers and hurting the podcast and honestly I am starting to question myself with this podcast to how much longer it will last if I continue with the route the podcast is going or I end up walking away and doing other projects that I have going on now.  Now I know I signed a silly contract agreeing I would continue on till Fall 2020 then it would be obviously up for renewal if I want to continue and I know that is like an guaranteed additional year for the podcast  but we will definitely will have to wait and see what the plan is for 2020 - 2021 when the time is right. I need to start focusing on fixing whatever the issues are and I know there are a few that occurred during the summer and they are:

1)  Staying on track and honestly I haven't been staying on track but honestly it has become better this season then the last season to be honest and things are starting to look up for the podcast but I did lose subscribers because of this and not staying on a schedule. 

2) Fixing the quality of the microphone which is already starting to sound a ton better then it has been in the last while. I am working on and it has indeed has gotten a ton better then it has been and I wanna remain professional with the podcasts I am involved with.

3) Not making the mistake to returning to YouTube was another mistake I made and you know the song and dance to that honestly. That wasted a ton of my time too as well hence the copyright claim crap I should of just continued on with Audio ONLY which has been blowing up like crazy in numbers.

              So there is tons of reasons why we ran 3 episodes short but do not worry come January 2020 I will be doing some off season podcasts so that will be the time to catch up on the numbers to ensure we will be ready for the winter season with Survivor 40, Big Brother Canada and Amazing Race which we do not know when that is coming out so it is on the wait list for now and we will see what is going to happen. 


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