Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Guess I Got The Gift of Gab (1300th Post!)

                   1300th Post, where has the time gone? Like really, 1300 posts is a lot of yakking about stuff and remember I started this blogging journey almost 7 years ago? Time does fly by when your having fun blogging about things. The fact I added in events at the start up to the end of December 2019 due to the pandemic I cannot now go to events and that has made me re think the entire blog post including going down to 5 days a week which honestly has worked. I know I've had to cut out a lot with the blog due to this situation but either way I am proud to say that this blog has really picked up on views especially this website. I think you have to readapt and that is what I have been doing. Guess what I am trying to say is I am always coming up with new and innovative blogs each and every year is probably why I am keeping up with posts on a day to day basis. Readapting is the name of my game really especially with the recent changes I have made here on the website.

                     Moving forward, I think I am planning to stick to my 5 days a week blog which has worked and plan to continue with this plan. I wanna make 2000 blogs and that is like 700 more days to go. Time has flown by and I cannot believe I have come this far. Trying to remember the post which was March 2015 which was the only post that I did. Wasn't till after the YouTube days till I really focused on the blogs entirely and the fact I once blogged 7 days a week was a lot to endure on a weekly basis. I really guess I got the gift of gab when it comes to these posts and I enjoy this and hopefully one day down the road, I get to go back out to events, talk about the events but it will be a slow start to going back to events that's the issue and I cannot predict when I will be back to those. 1300 posts is incredible. What a journey has this been over the years and 7 years is coming up and let's get to 1500 before November as I am not slowing down on this blog anytime soon. Have a wonderful rest of your Wednesday and I will talk to you all tomorrow!


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