Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Minecraft Server Updates

                     I am here to give you guys and provide you an update on my Minecraft Server today. A lot has happened in the last while with the completion and fix of the ice rink with better suited lighting in there I put my attention solely on the building process once I finished the lighting in the football stadium. I started excavating dirty and placing down dirt to build the final sports stadium and start building the main structure at the bottom of the stadium. I had to remove some of the dirt from a hill side but you cannot even tell it was sliced into as it's a straight slice as it was before.  Then I put the glass on the outside you sort of can see it in the image to the right at the top popping on out and the second bowl was built. Now I am working the 3rd and Final bowl and with the water falls at the back, it will remain an open concept there there will be no seating built above the left field seating and where the bullpen is. 

              Now moving into the next part of the update, as requested by my niece as she wanted me to build a CN Tower like building and I know there is is two decks but I like it with the one  floor for right now. Maybe later I will add it to the tower but I like it as it is right now and I like it as it is and also if you can see its a glass on the floor so you literally can look down and see the ground from where you are which is definitely a cool feature to have and it has our touch to it. Maybe I made it better perhaps? Never know! Final thing I wanna add is I started to lay out the bed for the railway in the Nether and that will be the next big project to work on next is building the railway in the Nether as well. I have some other ideas for the regular world too, perhaps shops and what not added, I may see if my nephew likes this and expand the dome property to the side with shops and what not but I will have to ask him first. That is my post for today, hope you guys enjoyed it and I will talk to you all tomorrow. 


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