Tuesday, July 6, 2021

Monk TV Show Review

                 I wanted to take some time in today's post to review the TV Series "Monk." The show is a detective series where a Detective with OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) who has been given a 419 a Discharge from the Police Force trying to earn his badge back which he does towards the end of the series. Anyways there are it's moments with Sharona threatening to quit all the time or the little comments Monk would say to her just made it 100 times a lot better as I got into it. Especially when Sharona said damn it I hate this car, damn it, damn it. Monk saying why don't you say damn it again. Or the bickering between him and Harold Crenshaw telling each other to go to hell which is hilarious and has happened on 3 occasions, once during the election episode where Natalie was trying to get on the School Board, the other time twice during the episode with the Frisco Fly who was Harold himself at the start at Dr. Kroger's Office and the other on the rooftop towards the end of the episode.

                What I am trying to say is, this movie, yes is serious but there are funny parts in the movie and it is really a great show and so happy that Eric actually introduced me to the series and I always go back to watch the odd episode here and there and recently did a binge of the series few months ago and have since finished that series. I highly recommend it if your into solving crimes. I give this series a definite 20 out of 10, it exceeds my expectations to not just give it a 10 out of ten but a 20 out of ten as it's an awesome series and I really enjoy the series. That is my post for today and I will have an update for you guys tomorrow on Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast and the preparation for SPD Podcast. 


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