Wednesday, July 7, 2021

Never Hit An Villager on Minecraft, You'll Be Sorry and Here's Why!

                   If you play the most recent version of Minecraft which would be 1.16.5 version of the game and you go to a village and purposely or accidently attack a villager and there is a Golem nearby the Golem will start attacking you back for doing that. Trust me I have learned the hard way with that and actually there is a way to prevent it and that is to build your own Golems, like make 5 or 6 of them to protect the Villagers and they should be fine. How do I know this? Well that is what both my nephew, niece and I have done around the main village that I built at the start of that server, way before the hockey arena, football and baseball stadiums even remotely existed on that server. Well way before and when we first started this server month or so ago which mind you has grown remotely fast over the course of time. I find Golems very handy to have and I was going to put snow golems, however they leave snow trails behind em, little buggers... LOL.

                   So I highly do not trying to attack a Villager or Villagers on the game because you will be in a heap of problems and trust me it is hard to defeat takes a heck of a lot. A little piece of advice to use a bow and arrow, makes it so much easy to fight em off but careful more then one of them, then  you are in a lot of trouble to be honest. Their quite tough for a creature on the game. However they can be and are very useful even in your own base. As you know the base I have in my server is quite huge with an actual sports complex along the way so it helps. I actually plan to put some around the arena, football and baseball at some point of time. Anyways that is my post for today and tomorrow, I should have an update on Power Rangers Collab tomorrow indefinitely as I finished SPD this morning. 


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