Thursday, July 8, 2021

Another Power Rangers SPD Update!

                 I am now finished SPD was up all night practically Tuesday night into Wednesday morning so I was very busy finishing up so I can spend part of Wednesday to typing up notes so I can send it to Larry hopefully by Monday and hoping he gets it on Thursday at some point so we can record ahead but we will see I still have a long next few days to try and get a good dent in Power Rangers SPD to type up notes for him. Aiming high for next Thursday, a week from now but nothing is totally guaranteed at this point. We will definitely see how far into typing I get but aiming for Monday to get it sent out to Mr. Larry Rieck finally. Typing does take some time to get done but I am up to the challenge at any point and the way I  have been with watching the series, I know notes will be done in no time I'm sure. I hit a road block while writing this post and I misplaced, probably thrown out Larry's info for sending the podcast notes so this now puts a dent in my plans to record early. 

            However I think I jumped too fast on planning to have the notes done by end of this week and to send it to him and have it to him before a week from now. So I screwed up, I really wanted to and was excited I was going to be very ahead of schedule with the collab but I know the way I am going with the collabs, this fall, it will be bam, bam, bam with recording. I can sense I probably have a ton done by end of September and I will be shipping off a ton of things his way so he has it and his mom will wonder what the heck I'm mailing him hahaha.... Well it's the only way we can record right now till he's actually allowed back into the studio to start recording again in person but that day will come. After the mess I caused last night with myself, I need to slooow down. I know Savannah gave me a mouthful and I know she's looking out for my best interest and she's totally right. So I got time to get them out to Larry and I first have to get info from him again before I send em out. However, we might do a tech test to ensure we are good to go for that week at the end of the month. Probably end up having Mystic Force by the 29th hahahahaha... Kidding! I joke, I joke! Anyways I will talk you guys tomorrow morning for another post!


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