Wednesday, September 8, 2021

First Time On The Bus Route That Goes In and Out of My Area!

                 Yesterday, I got to go on the bus and I mean we went on the bus. My mom dropped me off at the mall, I dropped into Staples briefly and met up with Eric for our adventure yesterday. We took the route we already knew about first and we stayed on and passed by where I live and also the CBOTW Studio is also is as well. We went passed there and went into the South side and we ended up practically back at the mall but we actually we're few blocks away as we grabbed a drink and we sat in a parkette for about hour and a half, 2 hours and we had to stop by his place for a few mins and I got to see the apartment since it was a little over an year since I was there and it looked different compare to the last time and felt good to be back there actually and hopefully it can be a thing where I can go over there to visit masked till we are told we can not have masks inside on.  

                 Anyways back to what I was saying, we headed back out on the bus and grabbed the 902B route which turned into my bus that goes back into my area and we asked the bus driver if it does so we lucked in and figured it out on our own without having to call Customer Service but I did email them anyways about my pass stuff and they were very helpful compare to last week when I got a little pissy with the customer service for the on demand but that is now ancient history for me now. I got back in time to talk to Larry which he was only on Monday and yesterday as he has a busy week but good to hear from him. I was exhausted from this trip as it was really the first long bus trip in about a year and a half now. I enjoyed myself and next week I will be more then likely on another adventure and more then likely another post about my adventures on the bus again and maybe this can be a thing almost every week. Anyways I hope you guys enjoyed this post and I will talk to you all tomorrow!


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