Thursday, September 9, 2021

You Can Expect Entertainment Man Podcast To Stick Around A While!

                 As I probably have mentioned on social media, I have been plugging away with new ideas for Entertainment Man Podcast and it has been quite a journey for this podcast and I can say this-- I am planning way ahead and if I have enough ideas, I could possibly seeing this podcast running beyond next year but I am thinking way ahead of myself but it is no secret that I am planning to actually go beyond 2022 and already getting ideas and the more I talk to you all or even my own Alum the more ideas you guys seem to spark with me with this podcast. I am just so excited this can be running into a 3rd year and I never thought it'd last this long. Originally I thought from the start this was only temporary but boy I was wrong! I am not putting down this podcast, I mean I thought this was only going to last a year or two then onto another bigger and better project but hey it's here for a long run right now. Especially with the recent news of breaking just over 100 listens. Finally getting noticed now and that is what matters!

                I definitely wanna continue this project as it has seen a ton of traction and when I wrote this yesterday morning nearly at 1 am EST I was like whoa what the heck.... The most recent episode blew up and I mean it is actually doing super well and really well what I originally though but either way I want this podcast to be around for years to come! I do not wanna see this podcast come off the air any time soon. Plenty more to come that is for sure! I want it here to stay and I wish I did this sooner, I should of stopped after Survivor 39 and just done it in January, I could imagine how well it has been done! Either way I am rambling cause I am just excited to see such an amazing podcast do so well. Anyways that is my post for today and hope you guys enjoyed this post and I will talk to you guys tomorrow!


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