Tuesday, September 7, 2021

The Binding of Isaac Re-Birth & Minecraft Updates!

                 On The Binding of Isaac Rebirth or Afterbirth not sure which version of the game but I have beaten the ones where the bombs are the only thing you get and I beat that after a few tries and I officially beaten that one officially. Was pretty easy as I am an expert at those kind of challenges on the video game. I forget what it was called on the vanilla Isaac it could of been of been Dr. Fetus that could of been it but its been ages since I played vanilla Isaac since I supposedly beaten it I do not know why but it says I 100% the game and I didn't technically beat it physically and I just do not know how that is mathematically possible but the game must of glitched up at some point but it is really that odd. I am doing another challenge with explosive shots  and gotten close to the end of the game with beating mom's heart but ended up so close at the end and almost got it but it's the fact it tries and bounces back at me that doesn't help whatsoever. 

                 Now onto Minecraft. It is now an end of an era for my house on the main hub as now I have boarded up all my windows on the house and took down all the torches off so it is now pure darkness and the villagers are actually in there still and unable to see and my niece and nephew are going to wonder why the heck my house is all boarded up and abandoned all of a sudden and I will explain. I think I have exhausted everything below the house where the caves I have search and dug caves everywhere and it is time to move on and move to other location down one of the spur lines of the railway and got a new home and place to explore and see other parts of this world. The farm itself I have removed all crops and taken em with me along with food that was left over and some weapons and tools to help me out as I am practically starting from scratch. However it looks weird looking at my house with boarded up windows now as I am now living in a smaller place away from the villagers. I will be back to look in at the main outer part and also to access the office building etc. I am not going to be a stranger but there is so much you can do in a world as you will run out of ideas eventually. That is my updates, hope you enjoyed this, I try and do this every 2 or 3 weeks at the most depending how far I get in a game. I will talk to you all tomorrow!


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