Monday, September 13, 2021

Not In Any Rush To Going Back To Events

                       I know I have mentioned the steps and to be honest, I am in no rush whatsoever to get back to events. I know deep inside myself I wanna do it and return to a more normal routine with ChrisBOnTheWeb & What I am trying to say, I could keep things as they are right now and the viewers would stay put as they are. The views would not change whatsoever probably increase in time when things are good enough for me to go to actual events and to bring content from outside the studio and when I gave you guys that stages list I really meant it that events would be the last thing I would go back to. I mean the local events in the area would be a start but I am in absolutely in no hurry to get back to events. Really things are doing just fine. I admit when I switched over from events to topics, it wasn't easy transition and had to change a lot, the scheduling and what not but I had to become a pro at all this change and very quickly. 

                    So what I am trying to say I am no hurry whatsoever to change back to the original format and is one of the reasons why you noticed the change recently with the scheduling starting today as this is the start of getting back to a new normal in our world as you know our world has changed drastically with this pandemic and now I have to have new protocols when it comes to not just the content and having Larry back but the events which has been a major factor in the site and the content and one day it will happen but I am going to take my time when it comes to going back to events but I assure you that day will come just not planning too far ahead, it will depend on number of cases and restrictions and when events do return as there is no real news on it yet and I continue to monitor things as the months go on. That is my post for today and enjoy rest of your day and I will talk to you all tomorrow!


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