Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Going Full Throttle With Notes!

                 After yesterday's adventure and passing out right after dinner just fueled the fire in me to get these notes done and I was up at 1130 pm got a pile of notes done but today and this week is about getting the notes finished. Larry doesn't know this but I pushed the recording up a bit and once I get a confirmation which I have mentioned Skype to discuss all of this and what we wanna do since I am still typing up notes at this point and really pushing to get them all finished and ready to record. Typing does take some time and days to a week at a time but soon as he gets them we are golden but I am going full throttle with the notes! I know it will be quite difficult with recording episode of the other episodes and it is going to be back and forth between that and the notes and it will be a bit of a pain in the butt to deal with but there is a fire lit under me to get these done!

                 I am firing under all cylinders and ready to go! The fact 32 episodes is not as many as we were doing but still a lot to do still regardless. Anyways I am so stoked and excited to be really pushing myself and getting these notes and I already restocked on the blue front cover for notes so I have enough for a while, like 500 sheets in the package so it is good that I am prepared for the future of collab podcasts with Larry and with other people as well, like I said I am firing on all cylinders and excited to just get them all done so I can finish the final episode for 2021 and we can have a clean slate in 2022 because I am OVER 2021! Like really! I am over this year, it's been a year from heck! I am just ready for a reset as this year I think we have recording more episodes then we have done in past years just trying to catch the heck up. No matter what happens, we end up having to push it up just hope we get RPM done that is my big problem, I need to really focus but it is hard but I am full speed ahead! Anyways that is my ramble post for the week and I will talk to you all tomorrow!


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