Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Microsoft Word 2021 & Verbatim USB Reviews!

                 Today, I have two product reviews and I am going to start with Microsoft Word 2021. Now, I haven't had Microsoft Word for at least 5 - 7 Years now and with my Corel Word Perfect acting really weird as my printer isn't being recognized I am now done with that program at this point and actually the version of Word Perfect it's a very old program nearly 20 years old and it was time for an upgrade actually.  So I spent nearly 200 dollars on a Microsoft  Word 2021 and so far I love it 100% love it more then Corel. Now I know I have Corel editing software and I am not going to throw any of those away. I know, I know I am stalling but this program offers so much more and I like the fact you can actually have headers and footers in your document which the other program didn't offer and all programs are different and again the version of the program was an older program and we all know the newer versions have new features added. However I am quite satisfied and happy with this program and it gets 10 out of 10 rating even though I am still navigating around the program. Last little note is I just didn't get word but has other programs that came in the package and I will review it once I start using it.

                  Now the second purchase almost 55 dollars later so looking at me spending 250 dollars between but yesterday morning my old USB pretty much died, I couldn't delete or save files on there so I had to spend the money on a new one and I got the Verbatim USB which is amazing and I just started to use it this morning and it actually lets me password protect the USB so if it gets lost and someone puts in it they will not know the password to it and unable to open it which is great to have it password protected. This actually keeps the privacy of my documents and what is actually on there. It was worth the money to spend on the programs that I got and hopefully this is the end of my spending spree for a while so I can save up again as it has been spend, spend, spend recently. Anyways that is my post and I will talk to you all tomorrow for a movie review on the blog.


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