Monday, October 25, 2021

Differences Between The 2020 Graphics To The 2022 Graphics

           This is a good little break for Chris from blogging on the website as he's been so extremely busy with content, he can actually focus on things but I believe he is not in his studio today. Anyways, as you know Chris and myself have been extremely busy with getting ready for 2022. So as you all know, I have recently worked on the graphics for not just social media for What you see on the right side of my post is the 2020 version of the logo which now is outdated and time for an update. Don't get me wrong I love this logo and Chris did an amazing job on the graphics but he felt like it was time for an update in the logo after 2 years and I totally agreed with him on that point. Part of my job is the website side of things and the other half is the graphical end as I have studied both sides of things and he is in luck I happen to know both sides of it.

             The logo on the left side of this paragraph is the NEW 2022. Not much difference when it comes to the logo and the real only thing that has changed on the logo is the text and the read leaf and also the colour difference which is a ton darker then it was with the 2020 and Chris preferred it was darker to begin with. It was really tough to replicate his original logo to the exact and know the size of the text on all 3 levels but what matters is he is happy with the finished product. I can say it is the same size as the original and we tried and keep everything the same and colour of the text remains the complete same and unchanged along with the red leaf but the rest is different now. As he said, he will be making the changes on the 1st of January 2022 and I am excited for the changes and I have implemented the CBOTW Twitter logo to my own profile on Twitter to test and haven't removed it as he's given me the OK to leave it as it is. That is the difference and big thank-you to Chris for allowing me to make this post this morning and I will talk to you all around the ChrisBOnTheWeb Community.


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