Friday, October 22, 2021

End of The Week Updates [10-22-2021]

                It is that time of the week and I provided you some insight what has happened in the last week but I will reiterate it for you guys in this post. So much immense pressure when it comes to all the hard work I am putting into the content for the website alone, it's mentally exhausting! Anyways, here are my updates:

Entertainment Man Podcast: As you all know, I have been working my tail off on recording episodes and got 4 of them done for the coming week, so in total 4 as I said, 3 regular (Last Sunday, This Sundays and next Sundays episodes are all recorded and done. Also the Bonus episode you heard yesterday went up that too was pre-recorded so I recorded a ton and everything is done for this podcast for least another week. It is a week by week basis pretty much. 

Power Rangers Collab Podcast: Now that Mystic Force is now behind us the podcast is ready to go and get posted up. So this is my OFFICIAL announcement that Power Rangers Mystic Force is going up tomorrow afternoon at 1 pm EST! Larry and I hope you guys really enjoy it!

ChrisBOnTheWeb Graphics: This is graphics across the website,, Facebook Group and Twitter.  Instagram doesn't allow banners so this is unaffected. This will be starting on January 1st, 2022 and we will be working on it after we're up on New Years Day and you will see across the board the changes. On top of the graphical end of the imaging the banner, logo, etc, the menu bar is getting a long overdue overhaul in colours. Savannah has tried it prior and was Tuesday night into Wednesday morning, she fiddled with the CSS Code of the Menu bar, the menu worked just fine just the colors might of gone off but she got it changed without a problem but had changed it back. The only thing that has changed is the icon at the top of the tab where it says Chris B On The Web the icon had the Maple Leaf and CBOTW on it but now it hasn't. 

                 So those are my updates what has gone on in the last week, hope you guys have a great weekend and I will be speaking to you all Tuesday as Savannah wants to explain the changes to the logo so I will be back on Tuesday with another blog post so enjoy your weekend and I will talk to you then.


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