Thursday, October 21, 2021

Overcame A lot of Things This Week!

                   I have overcome a lot of things in the last week. I will kind of highlight things from the past week what I have overcome:

1) Finishing up a very long and tiring Operation Overdrive Notes which was the long process and Jungle Fury will be a long process too and time consuming but it'll be done.

2) Getting 4 episodes of Entertainment Man Podcast done for the coming weeks as I will be very busy person moving forward and still one more season to do after Jungle Fury to finish and you can guess right, RPM. 

3) Completed Power Rangers Mystic Force Podcast and that was a long journey but got it done one way another.

                 So the next phase is to get 10 - 15 episodes per day, print em off then I am taking a week off from the collab then moving straight into RPM even tho we're a month and a half away. However recently I have dominated the workload and it is unlike me to get so much done in a very short time, however this is good I am getting things done and we're getting close to finishing up things for 2021 and slowly preparing for 2022 and more details are coming tomorrow. In the end I am proud of myself getting things done and resting and getting the extra sleep when I need it and the end of the year is very close and tons of stuff to get done still regardless.


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