Monday, October 11, 2021

The Long, Long Trailer Movie Review

                  I haven't done a movie review in a week almost so decided to do another one and you guys love these so why not, maybe I should pick a movie every week to review. Let me know in the comments any recommendations I may like. Anyways this movie is just plain crazy as I Love Lucy with the Shenigans they get into. I will name a few as I am writing this while watching the movie at the moment. First one them getting stuck in the mud and Ricky using the jack to try and even up the trailer. The next thing I'd like to point out is is her making eggs and the eggs kept on falling off the pan which was hilarious watching her time and time again trying to cook and everything fell off cause the trailer was sideways. The next point I wanna point out as well is trying to go to bed and she kept on falling off the bed. You can see its the same kind of scenes they would do on Lucy and it makes it for a hilarious movie. At the end she fell out of the trailer into the mud. Ha-ha! Actress Madge Blake I recognize because she player Mrs. Harriet Cooper in the 1966 TV Series of Batman.  I nearly fell out of my chair laughing when they were trying to park the trailer. 

                  Oh I am not even finished the start of her collecting rocks and unable to go up hills eventually which definitely got me laughing. Also the part where she said "You're going south and you gotta read the map upside down." This movie is crazy and my mom wasn't kidding when she told me it's hilarious and it is. It is amazing how cheap things were for 1953 and so different. One thing that gets me is I thought color TV wasn't invented till the late 1959's into the 1960s so I do not understand why it was in color for 1953 but anything is possible with the technology today. Another scene was quite hilarious was Lucy with prepping the salad in the trailer while it was moving. Anyways it was a great movie 10 out of 10 in my movie review and will have to check if there's other movies with her in it and maybe something for me to do in the very nearby future.


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