Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Minecraft Updates [10-12-2021]

                  I have another update in the blog for you guys and today I wanna update you guys on my Minecraft Server. I have been putting some extra time with the server updating things so here are the updates:

- I had to reroute the railway around the house and one of the railways had to be disconnected from there and eventually I'll somehow get it back eventually. 

- The building that was there which was the horse building originally was, well that has been torn down and the bricks were used to re-build the horse palace on the main floor which now also has an area that the horse can hangout in with one another which I haven't yet put em out in the pastures as of yet. 

- The area where the original horse palace, I have started to build another building, I didn't waste time building something in it's place. So far I have put in the structural skeleton of the building with the lighting which works and works in conjuncture to the second building's 3rd floor where the villagers are. I have two rooms for room and board for these guys and soon they will be all running around the buildings very quickly. I am currently working on the second floor which is currently blocked off from them coming downstairs and I may have to kill off the villagers and start over when the rest of the building opens up publicly. 

- Note the Villagers cannot access the main building where my living quarters are and where I do all the cooking of food and smelting of items and this way I have a ton more room to maneuver around without villagers being in the way.

                     Those are my updates and I will keep you guys up to date on things as the next project is to re connect that one railway and I have a few ideas how to fix it but it will be involving me weaving the rail into that one area but update will come eventually. I hope you guys enjoyed this post and sorry for no pictures on here but go to my Instagram which I hyper linked for an updated pictures and I will talk to you all tomorrow.


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