Monday, December 20, 2021

Updates & The Show Must Go On!

        Hearing the news of the cases rising here in Ontario, I have decided to postpone any plans of having guests or my team here in the studio for now. I was working on getting things ready but those plans are now definitely on hold at this moment. However all podcasts or all shows must go on. Both myself and Larry will continue to record our Collaboration Podcast through the power of Skype and we know we are doing a fine job recording through online and one day soon we will be getting back together eventually. We just gotta continue to be patient with this pandemic and that day will happen eventually but when is the question so either way The Show Must Go On! We continue to pump out shows no matter what whether we're in studio with one another or Skype we continue to work on new podcasts on both.

                As you know Entertainment Man Podcast has wrapped for 2021 for the most part but I will be releasing a new episode this weekend on Christmas Day at 1 pm EST. Not going to mention the missing collabs as I wrote this post yesterday and still working on editing at this moment. However it's coming out this week and hopefully I'll be at  a once a week basis for you guys. Now back to what I was saying about the pandemic, events was suppose to be back next year but with things rising again, I am putting that back on hold for right now. We have changed the schedule to reflect now and will update it as things and I'm sure my site admin, she's already on the job to updating it for you guys. So those are the updates I have and stay tuned for ongoing updates and news on social media and I will talk to you all tomorrow!


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