Friday, March 18, 2022

End of The Week Updates [03-18-2022]

                  Another week has gone by and I got a bunch of updates to tell you guys on top of some interesting opportunities that has come up for me but here are the updates:

Website: As you all know there has been changes made to the website this week which the first update is YouTube link for Entertainment Man Podcast has been removed off of On Demand and the channel has been deleted all together.  Also The CBOTW Show page has been brought back which has a bio since there isn't any known archives for that project as I changed it and it has been added to the Archives. Speaking of Archives I made it so below the image is the years the archived podcasts were on the active list which meant the entire archives had to be re-coded all together which is a basic HTML table so it was easy to put together in 30 minutes. Also the contact page now has a help that is open during the week in case you have general questions about ChrisBOnTheWeb. We all need time off so the chat is open only during the week with weekends off. Chat will open at 9 am, EST every Monday and close at 6 pm every Friday then off for the weekend and open on the Monday if that makes any sense to you guys.  Chat is open as of yesterday. 

The After Show With Amy: As you know Amy had an emergency and I had to fill in this week for her which was a ton of fun to be quite honest. Was an honor to fill in and actually do it live. This week I setup the stream and it had quite a good response especially pre-stream with 4 people waiting for the stream to start. Actually it stayed that way majority of the 24 hours the stream was waiting which is incredible that people wanted to see it and I see exactly what she needs to do so when shes home and better we will be doing some tech with the channel to get her doing them live cause its proving to be the way to go. 

Podcast Opportunity: I am going to be on Emo Dojo Podcast tomorrow at 1 pm EDT/12 pm CT/11 am MT/10 AM PT it will be just Audio ONLY and when it goes up I will be sure to be sending it out to you guys to have a listen. This is a great opportunity and excited to go on tomorrow! 

                That is the updates for this week, I have come up with a ton of new ideas for the blog moving forward and excited for you guys to read them and excited what great content I have for the website here. Trust me it is really, really good content. Have a great weekend and I will talk to you all Monday. 


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