Saturday, March 19, 2022

Considering Some Events This Year!

               As you know with COVID events were cancelled and a year ago I cancelled going to all events. With things opened up and getting back to more of a normal again now and mask mandates pretty much done which I don't agree with honestly. However I already told my dad that I wasn't comfortable going to events in Toronto completely however here is a list of events that I would consider going to this year:

Maple Festival In Bowmanville (May 7th, 2022)

Auto Fest (August 27th - 28th, 2022, down at the Lake)

Apple Festival (October 15th 2022)

Royal Winter Fair in Toronto (November 2022, if it returns and safe to go.)

Tyrone Farmers Parade of Lights (December 2022, if it returns)

Christmas Market in Toronto (December 2022, if it returns and safe to go.)    

         That is a small list of things to do and as you can see there are three events not listed on the blog here and I have already made it clear I will not go to events that are very crowded like the Polish and Ukrainian Festivals, Canada Day Fesitivities as well. Only 2 Toronto events are listed for right now. Next year I will add the others back knowing things are a ton better by 2023 so that is my post for today, hope you guys enjoyed this blog post and I will talk to you all on Monday's blog post. 


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